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Want to feel excited by life again, clear on what’s really important to you and focused on taking the steps to get you there? Let’s do this!

I know what it’s like to feel as though you’re hovering between 2 worlds. It’s almost as though your heart has been split and there’s a piece of you that belongs abroad, while another part of you longs to be at home.

When you’re abroad, you feel like you don’t completely belong. And yet ironically, you feel like a foreigner at home.
You’re a fun-loving adventurous soul. You want to see as much of the world and have as many incredible experiences as you can in this one precious life that you have.

You want an epic life.

And life doesn’t feel epic right now. Quite frankly things are just a little bit dull. But you’re keeping that quiet because you don’t want to complain. You know you’re lucky to have the freedom to travel the world and there’s so many people who’d kill to be living where you are. You feel guilty admitting that there are days when it’s not quite what you expected.
It’s okay. I totally get it. You don’t have to feel guilty. I’m here to listen and I want to help.

Whether you’re an expat, you’ve returned home after a stint overseas, or you’re a self-diagnosed travel junkie, my 1:1 coaching is for you.

In our sessions I will help you get clear on your ideal life and together we’ll come up with the actions you need to take to get you there. We’ll uncover the beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and I’ll help you get back on track towards creating that epic life you once dreamed of.


Why do I do this work?

Because I know what it’s like to waste precious time (even years in my case!) feeling restless and out of place.

I also know what you’re capable of and the quicker I can reignite that spark within you, the better off the world will be.

After all, you’re a game changer. You have high hopes for this world. You know that you only get one shot at life and you want to make the most of it.

You know that life is a collection of amazing experiences, not stuff. You’re an excitable soul who used to dream big, but somewhere along the line that enthusiasm got squashed.

It’s my job as your coach to bring it back.

Why Work With Me?

I’m 100% committed to helping you create an epic life (after) abroad.

Having lived abroad in Canada, France, Thailand and Sweden I know what it’s like to begin a new life, learn a new way of being, adjust to new cultures, learn a new language, find a new job, make new friends and navigate your way through challenging situations in unfamiliar environments.

I also know how it feels to move back home (Sydney in my case) where everything feels as though it’s in slow motion and nothing feels quite right anymore.
I get how hard it can be for friends and family to understand, and I want you to know that you don’t have to grin and bear it. You might have been warned that coming home was going to be a let-down and you may know a thing or two about reverse culture shock, but I don’t want you to resign yourself to the fact that the transition is going to be hard and that life is going to be less exciting for a while.

It doesn’t have to be so hard and you can have a freakin’ phenomenal life starting today.

And it’s not just my personal experience that I’m relying on. I’m also a qualified Beautiful You life coach who’s been trained by the best in the business. I’ve worked with clients all over the world to help them gain confidence, clarity and direction and I’d love to work with you.

Christina Heath

“I highly recommend Sam as a life coach – she is a beautiful soul, easy going, relatable, packed with life experience, listens and actually cares” Christina Heath, Canberra.

Irina Pravet

“Sam is an incredibly perceptive and patient soul. Our sessions have been an immense source of pleasure, strength and support. This was the solid foundation I was looking for all along” Irina Pravet, Helsinki.

Samantha Corne

“I am much more confident and optimistic thanks to coaching with Sam. She was always helpful, reassuring, constructive and encouraging in our sessions and I couldn’t have asked for more” Samantha Corne, Zurich

Are you ready to step out of the in-between and start living your ideal life NOW?

I offer 3 different coaching packages, so take a look and see if one of these options sounds right for you.

Still unsure or have any questions? I always offer my clients a free powerful coaching conversation so that you know what it is you're investing in. I want you to have no hesitations in making this investment in your future, so I'm happy to give you a first-hand experience of what it's like to coach with me. Email me at to book in for your free coaching conversation (only if you're ready to make some incredible changes in your life).

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