Does the idea of committing to anything long term make you shudder? Are you avoiding anything and everything that might mean you have to stay put for a considerable length of time? After all, you want to be able to pack up and leave whenever you want right? If this is making sense to you, then you my friend might be living in the in-between. That state of limbo where you’re hovering between 2 (or sometimes multiple) worlds. When I first launched this blog I wrote a post about the 12 warning signs that you’re living in the in-between, and I got a lot of response from people who had lived abroad and knew exactly what I was talking about…

Today I want to go into a little more depth about this first warning sign, a fear of commitment, and why I think a lack of commitment detracts from our ability to really enjoy our life.  So even if you’ve never lived abroad, if you’re a commitment-phobe, then this video is for you.

And I’ve also set you a challenge in this video to try and encourage you to commit to just one thing.  I’d love to hear how you go with it.


PS: I’m still very much in practice mode with my videos, so please bear with me…And if you’re struggling to commit and want my help, then you can book in for a completely free coaching call here.  No strings attached – I know you don’t like commitment 😉

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