There’s something really amazing that happens when you move abroad, that not many people talk about. When you leave behind your family and friends and everyone that has ever known you, you get the opportunity to start afresh and create any life of your choosing.

There is complete FREEDOM in anonymity

And the best part about it is that usually you become the truest, most courageous and best version of yourself.  So the challenge now is, how can you become that person in your home country? Or no matter where you are in the world?  In this video blog, I talk about the ultimate freedom and the reason that I think we’re all here on this earth…It’s all about having the courage to  BE YOU


PS – If you feel like it’s hard to be completely you now that you’ve moved home after living abroad, then check out my life after abroad coaching packages or book in for a FREE discovery call to chat to me about what coaching is and see if I can help you.

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