I want to talk about death.  It’s something we don’t talk about often enough.  Sure it’s spoken about on a grand scale, as in the mass amount of death and destruction in the world, but on a very personal level, on the level that it affects each and every one of us, we’re not talking about it enough. And most of us aren’t living each day with an appreciation of death and the fact that this could be the very last day that we’re alive.

Death is a topic we shy away from.  It’s something that most of us feel uncomfortable and awkward thinking and talking about. It’s something we fear.  And yet if you ask me, death gets a bad wrap. Because really, it’s death that makes life precious.  The fact that our time here is finite and that we have no idea when our collection of days will come to an end, is the very thing that makes our time, and what we do with it, so incredibly important.  So this week, in my first video blog (which is far from perfect, but hopefully I’ll get better with practice), I want to have a conversation about death and the connection I see between death and living abroad.


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