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Living in the in-between sucks! Sure it can feel fun for a while as you dance between different worlds, but when you’re not 100% sure of your movements and you start living in limbo, even simple decisions seem to become difficult and you end up feeling pretty exhausted.

So how do you know if you’re there?

12 warning signs that you’re living in the in-between:

1. The idea of commitment freaks you out. You don’t want to commit to what you are doing tomorrow, let alone in a few months or years from now.

2. You avoid any type of “lock-in” contract or ongoing subscriptions – phone plans, internet etc. – you are a free spirit and will not be locked in to anything (see warning sign #1)

3. You start most of your sentences with “When I lived in Paris (insert cool city where you lived here)…”

4. Alternatively, you start most of your sentences with “Back home in Australia (insert country of origin here)…”

5. You’re always planning your next holiday and thinking about what you’ll be doing when you’re in Hawaii (insert next dream holiday destination here).

6. You have a tendency to over-commit and say ‘YES’ to everything – No regrets right? Or is it just FOMO? Whatever it is, you seem to always be busy.

7. You want to be in a great relationship, but at the same time you don’t. After all, if you fall in love in a foreign country how is that going to work out if/when you decide to move home?

8. You work on a casual/contract/freelance basis or in a less-than-thrilling job. You want to be able to up and leave as soon as the urge arises right?

9. You feel like a foreigner at home. Nothing feels quite right. You’re overcome by a sense of restlessness and itchy feet (see warning sign #5)

10. You like keeping your options open.

11. You tend to procrastinate and go around in circles whenever you’re making decisions – you’re good at coming up with pros and cons and seeing all the possibilities, which makes it hard to choose just one thing (see warning sign #10)

12. When someone asks you ‘What are your plans?’ it feels like a loaded question.

If you read that list and you’re thinking – oh crap, that sounds like me. I’m stuck in the in-between. No need to stress, I’ve created this website especially for you and I’m here to help

If on the other hand you read the list and you’re thinking – nope, not me. I’ve got no idea what this Sam chick is talking about. Good for you.  Maybe you know a friend who’s in the in-between and might find my content helpful. If that’s the case, please click on any of the links below to share this article.


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    • Reply samanthalthomas

      Wow Bruce – after 20 years on the road I’m sure that must feel like being in the in-between! That’s a long time to be moving around. Hope you’re loving it and have learnt ways to cope with the uncertainty and constant transition

    • Reply Marcia

      To bruce: Me too, with three times moving back-and-forth to the two countries. “Home country or citizenship” US. second home country Germany. Started when I was 22 “rolling stone ” so my formative years as an adult were spent in Germany. I’m in the US now. I grew up in Connecticut. after having to settle in the US I have to live in Alabama of all places!!! I don’t have a visa to live in Germany anymore I don’t think they would give me a visa again. I was kicked out twice !! I really hope your situation is better it sounds like it from your comment.

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